Categories & Pricing

Categories for entry:

    • Australian
    • Ballad
    • Contemporary Pop/Dance
    • Country
    • Folk/Acoustic
    • Instrumental/World Music
    • International
    • Lyrics (only)
    • Open
    • Rock/Indie
    • Songs for Children
    • Spiritual
    • Youth




Entry Fees:

ASA Members

  • $28 per entry


  • $38 for each entry


Song Critiques

ASA Members:

Music & Lyrics $33

Lyrics $22


Music & Lyrics $44

Lyrics $33

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Some Category definitions:

Australia:  songs of any genre which mention Australia or songs that have a distinctly Australian edge

Contemporary/Pop/Dance:  mostly more upbeat songs which are either radio friendly or suitable for dance clubs, including vocal electronic and rap

Instrumental/World Music:  literally instrumental pieces (ie with no lyrics) of any genre, or anything with a customary World Music feel, but also including songs that use foreign language

International:  this is an all-genre category that is open to citizens of countries outside of Australasia, though Australians and New Zealanders are also allowed to enter.  Because of the larger field, the prize money is higher.

Open:  any genre at all, including anything that is not captured in the other categories (such as blues and jazz but not limited to them)

Youth:  any genre of song but it has to have all writers and co-writers under the age of 18 years old