Site Information

Here are a few short notes relating to this site for entering the ASA’s song writing contest:

  1. You need to submit an MP3 (ideally smaller format eg 128kbps format…)
  2. There is no requirement to submit any Lyrics to this contest unless you are entering the LYRICS (only) category
  3. If you find you have more entries in your ”CART” than you wish to enter (therefore do not want to proceed to payment with the unwanted entries) then … in your ”cart” just click the ”x”  (next to the displayed image) to delete the entry next to it 
  4. There is no limit to the number of entries allowed in this contest. This site allows you to submit a maximum of 12 in one transaction. If you wish to submit more than 12 you can do so by returning to the start and following the submission form (as per before)
  5. Again … any problems please don’t hesitate to be in touch as we will always help you! or phone 0412 531 200